Despite the winter excesses of Mother Nature, egged on by her formidable Aunty Doris, SUMBA's hedge laying team have succeeded in laying their second section of hedge just above Cholmondeston Lock.   As with our work last year below Cholmondeston Lock opposite Venetian Marina, this is part of CRT’s national “Helping Hedgerows” project.   Please have a quick look as you cruise/walk/cycle by this summer.
This year's work was especially tough as conditions in the field behind the hedge consisted of boot sucking and ankle breaking mud, mushed underfoot with horse & sheep droppings - lovely!!   Nevertheless our very determined "tree huggers" managed to lay in excess of 100 metres between October and early March.   When brash disposal by bonfire (great for baked potatoes!!) became impossible due to the soggy conditions, the team decided to create a back hedge with the waste wood.   Not only does this strengthen the new growth, but it also provides a dense habitat for bugs, small birds and a safe highway for hedgerow mammals.  It has also thwarted the local sheep escape committee in their frequent attempts at making a run to freedom in Switzerland.
In our final session in early March over a 100 whips were planted.   These will in time thicken the hedge and support regrowth along the front face of the hedge.
Many thanks to all the SUMBA team for their dedication & support for the project.  Also thanks to CRT’s Roger Birch, Brian Pimlott & Steve Minton who provided chainsaw support.
Extra special mention in dispatches to the S.C.S.C. (Sumba Canine Support Corps) Spike, Daisy & Lola. Their dedication to moving sticks, meeting & greeting passing dogs, boaters & walkers greatly added to the fun.   Supervising the complete consumption of packed lunches was a countryside skill which the S.C.S.C. honed to perfection over the sessions.   Tune in next season to discover if the humans ever solved “The Mystery of the Missing Scotch Eggs”.
It is now time to let the birds get on with nesting in their luxury, wonderful new environment. 

Hedge laying resumes on Thursday 25th October 2018 and will continue twice monthly until the spring. See home page for details.