14/11 WORK PARTY 150

In somewhat cold conditions our hedge layers celebrate our 150th work party.by laying another 13 metres of hedge at Cholmondeston.

28/12WORK PARTY155

In yesterday morning's freezing temperature our Pre Planned Maintenance (PPM) team oiled, greased & checked Cholmondeston & Minshull Locks.
The gates and especially the paddle gears are now much easier to use. This was confirmed by two boat crews who had used them last week.

21/10WORK PARTY 147 

In somewhat stormy conditions a team of 10 volunteers travel to Sykes Hollow in Malvern to install a replacement 48 hour totem post and the new interpretation board. Brash projecting from the towpath side is also cut back. Due to the weather, lack of a second boat and less volunteers than usual, offside vegetation work is put back for a month


Our team of 7 volunteers continue laying the hedge above Cholmondeston Lock, plus give the hedge below the lock (finished in early 2105) a bit of a tidy up.

16/9  WORK  PARTY 141

Great autumn day for the resumption of our work parties after the summer break. Volunteers travel aboard workboat Gowy to Sykes Hollow to install disabled friendly matting and tidy up the hut. There's still the interpretation board to install, a totem post to replace and more vegetation to cut back which we'll do next month.

11/12WORK PARTY 154

BEATEN BY THE WEATHER! Although our hedge layers assemble they decide that the snow's too deep and it's too cold for hedge laying today. That's our last work party of the year, since January there have been nearly 50. Many thanks to all our dedicated volunteers who have worked so hard to keep our adopted stretch in such good order.

5/11WORK PARTY 149

We hold an interim work party to try to complete the work at Sykes Hollow which was interrupted by bad weather on 21/10. We start off in rain again but the sun comes out and it turns into a wonderful autumn day. As it's a Sunday for a change we are also accompanied by Church  Minshull's church bells. 7 volunteers at Sykes Hollow replaced the CRT welcome sign, install a plaque on the door of the hut, gravel the plinth beneath the interpretation board and install disabled priority totem posts. We mange to transport the picnic table and Neville the model for the hut too. 4 volunteers litter pick from bridge 15 to bridge 11. as part of the start of our winter clear up.

23/11 WORK PARTY 153 Our hedge layerscontinue with the hedge above Chomondeston - added to the work that was completed at this site prior to last March, well in excess of a 125 metres has now been laid.

26/10WORK PARTY 148

6 volunteers continue laying another 30 metres of hedge above Cholmondeston lock, fortified by the hospitality of historic boat Greenlaw moored nearby. 


Gloucester Boat Museum has kindly given us an unwanted model for our Sykes Hollow Hut. Liaison between Gloucester Museum and Ellesmere Port Boat Museum resulted in his arrival at Venetian Marina today. He's dressed as a navvie and will need to look more like a clay pit manager but we can manage a transformation. He'll be moved to Sykes Hollow next time we have a boat going down as he's fairly heavy. We'll be putting together a scene within the hut that will  be visible from the window.


​Working towards completion, the window frame is inserted and painted and the double glazed toughened glass put in. The fabulous door is fitted with a lock and handle and hung. The site is tidied and the students take their last trip in the boat, happy with their work = and so are we! What a difference it has made. The students have put in over 250 hours work.


​Our team of hardy hedge layers start off the 2018 work parties with a rather chilly session. The hedge previously laid below the lock is also given a trim.

18/11WORK PARTY 152  

19 volunteers complete a  3 1/4 mile litter pick between Barbridge Junction & Hoolgrave Bridge 11 at Church Minshull collecting several bags of rubbish and a tyre.   Using workboats Gowy & Malvern we remove of all offside overhanging vegetation between Brickyard Bridge 6 & Jackson Bridge 7.   A successful day to round off our work parties for the year . . . .though hedge laying continues . . . ..