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1772   Act passed to cut the Chester Canal from Chester to Nantwich, including a branch to Middlewich.. Fearing loss of trade via the Liverpool route, the Trent and Mersey Canal Company and the Duke of Bridgewater successfully lobbied for a restriction in that the new canal should be kept 100 yards from the junction with the Trent and Mersey Canal at Middlewich. First sod cut in Chester, locks would be 80' x 14' 9”

1775  First section from Chester to the aqueduct near Huxley below Beeston completed. By June the line was open to Beeston

1779   Canal completed to Nantwich plus reservoir at Bunbury Heath.

1780   Canal had become uneconomic,

1787  Beeston Lock collapsed, no money for repairs

1813   Ellesmere and Chester canal companies united to form the Ellesmere and Chester Canal.

1826   Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal Company obtained an Act for a canal from Autherley (junction with Staffs and Worcs) to join the Ellesmere and Chester at Nantwich.

1827  Act empowered T and M Company to build the short Wardle Canal with one lock to span the 100 yard gap and join the Ellesmere and Chester's proposed Barbridge to Middlewich line. T and M imposed stiff tolls, these remained until 1888.

1833  Middlewich Branch opened. Wharves and transhipment warehouses built at Barbridge.

1835   Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Company opened canal from Autherley to Nantwich

1845   Ellesmere and Chester absorbed the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction company.

1846  Ellesmere and Chester Canal Company became the Shropshire Union Railways and Canal Company

1847  Taken over by the London and North Western Railway

1888  Middlewich Branch canal was location for trials with locomotive haulage of boats.

1921  Shropshire Union Canal Company ceased their carrying business.

1923  The SUCC was taken over by the London Midland and Scottish Railway company.

1948  Canal passed to the jurisdiction of British Waterways Board following nationalisation of canals.

1958  12th October – breach at Church Minshull viewpoint, between bridges 12 and 13, see history page

1960s  Breach at Church Minshull between bridges 14 and 15 - more detail being researched

1991  Breach just above Stanthorne Lock which was repaired in less than a week.

2012  ​British Waterways passed ownership to Canal and River Trust.

2018  Breach at Middlewich near the aqueduct over River Wheelock.